Fine Dried Noodle Making Machine Production line

date: 2017-05-10    writer:Ellie

The fine dried noodle production line is also named as stick noodle production line and dry noodles productionline. The production line is of advanced technology, high degree of automation. safety and reliability ,easy maintenance, high efficiency, and energy saving ,environmental protection and health, meet the technological  requirements of producing different varieties of noodles, high quality noodles can be produced under all types of weather conditions. The produced products are soft, it is up to the manual noodles standard, soft but not sticky.And owing to the good effect of dough mixing, so the noodles are chewy after boiling.

fine dried noodle production lineThe production line consists of  mixer & ripen conveyer, continuous vacuum dough mixer, continuous vacuum noodle extruding, paste ripen conveyer, continuous rolling machine, length fix cut off & hanging machine, automatic hang loading machine,  noodle end reshaping cutter, drying conveying machine, automatic unloading machine, hot air circulate system, cutting machine.

This fine dried noodles production line overcomes the uncontrolled factors in the natural drying process of handmade dry noodles, combining the traditional craft with modern technology, form a high degree of automation, high efficiency, stable and reliable product quality of noodle production line.

This fine dried noodle production line can be customized by your requirement, we can produce the production line according to your capacity and the size of your plant.

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