Potential Demand of Non-fried Instant Noodles Production Line

date: 2017-03-25    writer:Ellie

Non-fried instant noodles production line is similar to the fried instant noodles production line, it doesn't need to fry but need to dry.Along with the accelartion of the life speed, prople are more likely to eat fast food, the non-fried instant noodles is the top choice, not only owing to its convenoence, but also owing to its health.

non-fried instant noodles production line

Non-fried instant noodles production line consists of a series of machines can produce instant noodles with full automation. Brine quantifier and mixer machine, double speed dough mixer machine, disc cooker machine, composite and continuous dough pressing machine, single layer steamed noodles machine, cutting, folding and conveying machine, double layers drying machine, horizontal conveyor, roast machine and cooling conveyor. All these machines can produce instant noodles with intereuption. Compared to the fried instant noodles making machine, this production line just don’t include the frying machine.
Flow chart:
Salt water mixer and measurement--mixing--dough aging--pressing--steaming--cutting and dividing-- drying(this procedure costs a long time)--cooling machine--convey belt-packing machine.
The non-fried instant noodles production line can produce instant noodles with different capacity, and the different models have different prices. You can choose one model which is suitable for your situation. If you have the large enough plant, it's a good choice to own the large capacity noodles production line. 
The main difference between them is that the non-fried instant noodles adopts hot air system to dry instant noodles. There is a big difference is that the moisture and lipid content. The moisture of fried instant noodles is below about 10%, non-fried is about 14.5%. In the aspect of lipid, fried instant noodles is 20%, the non-fried is 4%~5%. So the non-fried instant noodles are healthier, because it doesn’t have the procedure of frying. Non-fried instant noodles have the characteristic of compact organization, can reach the flavor and taste which fried instant noodles can’t have. Non-fried instant noodles are relative thin and less fat content。

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