How To Make macaroni by Machine?

date: 2017-04-24    writer:Ellie


The macaroni is extremely loved by people worldwide, owing to its characteristic of health and nutrition, without any additive, its raw material is high quality wheat flour and other material, such as golden corn flour, less sugar buckwheat and sugar-free germ flour and so on. And owing to its colorful shapes, many kids love eating them. But the process of making macaroni by hand is difficult, and it will cost much time and labor. So I would like to recommend automatic spaghetti making machine production line, which can realize making macaroni with full automation and can produce various shapes just only need to change the moulds. What's more, the finished products are of high quality and transparent without bubble.

The macaroni making machine adopts the advanced extruding technology, together with unending changes molds, can produce various spaghetti, such as shell, spiral, square tube, circular tube, round, long shape, oblate, hollow, and dyed yellow with eggs, dyed green with spinach, dyed deep red with cuttlefish, all these are made by this magical extruding machine. This machine can used in many places, such as restaurant, school canteens and some self-owned enterprise. It's the top choice for the spaghetti suppliers.

The production line for macaroni making will achieve the flow line of flour mixing, extruding, cutting, drying and cooling, so it will realize high efficiency and large output. This production line is made of stainless steel, compact structure, safe and reliable.

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