Hot Sell Vegetable Noodles Making Machine

date: 2017-04-20    writer:Ellie

Vegetable noodles is popular in our daily life, and it is loved by many people.  And the vegetable noodles making machine is very hot in the market, and our company has sold many sets of the noodles making machine to many countries. This vegetable noodles making mahcine can produce many kinds of noodles, with different sizes and different thickness by changing different moulds.  There are many models of noodles making machine in our company, such as 5,6,7,8 rollers noodles making machine. According to the models and specification, the prices are different.

The operation of using the noodles making machine is very easy, just need to place the mixed flour (flour water distribution ratio is about 10:2.5, increase and decrease according to the flour moisture content ), feeding hopper, boot and then can automatically kneading, pressing, cutting, hanging. The finished noodles taste delicious, and the produced products is uniform.

vegetable noodles
This noodles making machine adopts advanced technology, it can effectively reduce the contact between machine and workers, eliminates the safety hidden trouble, reduce the labor intensity of workers. And this machine is of high degree automation, simple operation, high efficiency, safe and healthy.

The vegetable noodles making machine is made of stainless steel, so it has compact structure, ensure the operation process is safe and reliable, you can use the machine relieved.

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