6 Big Breakthrough Strategies OF Dry Noodle Equipment

date: 2016-07-12    writer:diana

1, The brand, highlight the brand marketing and market development ability and improve enterprise management level. On the basis of improve the economic benefit to do well in brand, avoid amoral behavior on the business philosophy. 
2, Dry noodle making machine production will enter the stage of standardization. Dry noodles as staple food, to improve the level of the quality of noodle, should solve the special aspects of dry noodles machine production and quality, formulate the corresponding standards, fortified and liner material were fortified. 
3, All kinds of high grade especially in the design and color of functional nutritious noodle is developing rapidly, is the direction of the liner market and the mainstream. 
4, Operating high-end noodle machine, boost profits. 
5, Noodle machine variety innovation, and improve manufacture single machine equipment, production of multi-function noodle machine, the machine can produce noodle pasta and related products. 
The change of marketing channel 
6, Change of marketing channel of noodle production line. Single enterprise can do chain, along with the rapid development of chain supermarkets, shopping malls and other marketing formats, and to the small and medium-sized cities and rural development, beyond the traditional wholesale distribution model, etc. Make noodle machine sales way played a very big change, is conducive to the standardization of the enterprise brand and sales operations, also for noodle machine product variety, quality, packaging, put forward new requirements. 
Dry Noodle Processing Equipment

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