Steam Rice Noodles Maker

date: 2016-07-14    writer:diana

Multifunctional steam rice noodle maker machine is manufactured by technical personnel of the factory after extensive market research, new product, carefully developed after identification of related departments, achieves the design requirements. 
Steam Rice Noodle Maker
1: Using lighting home electricity is ok, transparent design, simple operation, one person can operate. 
2: Multi-usage, using different raw materials to produce liangpi, rice noodles, etc. 
3:3 -- 10 times faster than hand-made, save costs by 40%, produce 35-40 kg rice noodles per hour, suitable for family firms and small wholesale. Only one operator is enough to operate the machine, automatic brush oil, separation, cutting, folding, save time and effort. 
4: Double luxury serviced conveyer, built-in cooling function, compact appearance, beautiful, less noise, more economical, more affordable. 
5: Provide production technology and sauce formula, the machine has one year free warranty, life-long maintenance. 
The equipment adopts the stainless steel elaborate, beautiful and durable, perfect function, convenient operation, energy saving health, high production rate, product automatic brush oil, automatic cutting, automatic folding forming, unifor thickness is adjustable. 

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