Noodles Making Machine

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Dried noodle making machine has 6 main group 
---Flour Mixing Part
---Rolling and Slitting Part
---Steaming part
---Cutting  and Dividing Part
---Drying Part
---Cooling Part
Dried Noodles Making Machine
Dried Instant Noodle Machine mainly includes flour mixing system, rolling and slitting system, steaming system, cutting and dividing system, noodle drying system and cooling system.

Installation note: 
Put dough aging conveyor in faceted mixer falls below the bucket; Wet head below the conveyor inlet on the cutting tidy machine, discharging mouth placed above dough conveyor crushing plant. 
The hopper of compound calender put right in the middle of the plane conveyor fell down to the bottom of the hopper. 
Pick a chain anchor position must be the same. 
End of conveyor chain conveyor of pick machine should be higher than the corner into the end more than 50 mm. 
Chamber of channel steel beam under the plane should be in the same horizontal plane, not less than 2000 mm high from the ground. 
In the dryer heat exhaust pipe should be fixed on the horizontal beam, flange joint sealing, leakage is not allowed. 
Dryer rotary table and transmission chain, the chain should be higher than that of rotary I - 4 mm. 
Chamber out the end and the end corner conveyor connection for an organic whole, bend the end and the shelves conveyor conveyor chain is linked together, the shelves conveyor chain connected to intelligent slice machine. 
Electric control cabinet put [0029] from the equipment is easy to operate the location of the 2 m, and connected to each single power line. Equipment shall be installed by motor grounding protection. 
To install all safety guards, and check whether there are abnormal motion parts, the motion parts should not have a foreign body. Each single machine parts in contact with the flour, noodle is swabbed clean. 

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