Dry Noodles Making Machine Sold To Germany

date: 2016-07-26    writer:diana

Dry Noodles Making Machine
Customer from Germany bought one set dry noodles making machine

1) The worker should carefully read instructions before using, in strict compliance using the manual operation.
2) The device is just prohibited reverse.
3) Check each part before beginning whether is available abnormal phenomenon, discovered that the issue ought to be worked with on time so they won't cause any sort of accident.
4) Steer clear of the iron or any other hard objects mixing with flour, lest cause any sort of accident.
5) Back surface can't be straight into machine feeding mouth.
6) Machine is just prohibited to place hands between rollers, gears, chains, cutter along with other parts.
7) Make sure the lube of driving part, filling every two class 20# -30 # engine oil. Give a little oil on the top of blade and roll surface after each shift.
8) Clutch of dough mixing part continue separation and reunion in stop condition.
9) Empty running for around ten minutes before moving, in the winter months indoor temperature keep production in ten to fifteen levels above.
10) Keep your machine clean after down time, no remaining inside each roll, no flour dough.
11) Maintain lube among each gear, bearing.
12) It's strictly prohibited the debris or any other hard objects fell in to the roller and also the gear.
13) Every six several weeks to exchange an impact grease.

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