What kind of machines need when do stick noodles?

date: 2017-02-28    writer:Ellie

If you want to make stick noodles by machines, stick noodles, also named dry noodles,  the most convenient method is to have a stick noodles production line, because egg stick noodles production line operate fully automatic, it will save time and labor greatly. The whole egg stick noodles production line consists of  mixer & ripen conveyer,  continuous vacuum dough mixer, continuous vacuum noodle extruding, paste ripen conveyer,continuous rolling machine,  length fix cut off & hanging machine,  automatic hang loading machine,noodle end reshaping cutter, drying conveying machine, automatic unloading machine, hot air circulate system,  Cutting machine, these sections will operate from flour mixing to the finshed products, high efficiency, and large output.

If you do not want to invest too much, you can buy a small scale machine, such as 5 roller dry noodles making machine, or 7 roller dry noodles making machine, the more rollers, the better quality of the noodles,  just need one unloading machne and  hot air circulate system to dry the noodles, remove the internal moisture.
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stick noodles making machine

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