The Principle Of Vacuum Dough Mixing Machine

date: 2017-03-25    writer:Ellie

This vacuum dough mixing machine mainly used in noodles production , buns making and dumpling making in restaurant or noodles shop. But do you know why the dough is elastic like dough by hand-,making? That's owing to its woring principle.
Vacuum Flour Mixer imitates human hands, wheat flour and water mixed under vacuum condition, which makes the gluten net come into being in short time, making the protein organizational structure balanced, so that the effects are far superior to other forms dough mixing Machine. This mixing machine can make the dough gluten, strength, much better than other mixers, taste smooth and elastic, high transparency.
This vacuum dough mixing machine will save you plenty of time, improve the woring efficiency largely.The water recycling vacuum pump can reduce pollution of the flour, preventing damage of flour Automatic water adding device, more accurate and correct.
vacuum dough mixing machine

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