Common Fault and Solution for Noodles Making Machine

date: 2016-09-26    writer:diana

Common Fault and Solution for Noodles Making Machine
Fault: Noodles roller stick flour
Reason: Too much moisture in flour or scraper is loose
Solution: 1. Adjust the proper moisture percentage 2. Fasten the scraper bolt
Fault: Fixed length cutting is not completely 
Reason: Cutting noodles bladeis not parallel with the cutter groove
Solution: Adjust the kife to keep parallel with cutter groove
Fault: Noodles are broken
Reason: There are cracker dough piece in the dough sheet, or dough sheet runs too tight or too loose
Solution: 1. Thoroughly clean material stock after every time finish working 2. Adjust the dough sheet, makethe consistence
Fault: Dough sheet is snapped
Reason: Too small clearance with up-group or too large clearance with down-group
Solution:Tighten both-side handwheel og up-group or loosen the down-group handwheel to suitable position.
Fault: Too much dough sheet
Reason:opposite with the previous group
Solution: Adjust appropriatly
Fault: The dough sheet is wandering 
Reason: Uneven gap between on both sides of roller
Solution: One side dough sheet wandering, shows the side clearance is big, adjust the side or relax on the other side 
Fault: Corrugated noodles or dough sheet 
Reason: 1. Roller scraper or cutter angle is too large 2. The handwheel adjustment is too tight 
Solution:Appropriate to relax the handwheel 

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