Instant Noodles Production Line Equipment List

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Fried instant noodle production line equipment list 
1, Alkali salt water storage tank 
2, Additive mixing cylinder 
3, Double shaft double speed flour mixer 
4, Curing feeding machine 
5, Compound rolling machine 
6, Continuous rolling machine 
7, Instant noodles steaming machine 
8, Cutting, folding, dividing machine 
9, Frying machine 
10, Cooling machine 
11, Inspect converor
12, Electrical equipment
Instant Noodles Production Line
Features of Fried instant noodles production line 
Our company has many Fried instant noodles production lines and up-to-date technology. The whole production line has unique production process, innovative design, safe and reliable, beautiful apprearance, high degree of automation, is the present domestic instant noodles production of complete sets of advanced environmental protection equipment. 
This fried instant noodles production line can produce 60,000 pieces to 200,000 pieces instant noodles every shift(8 hours) 
Fried instant noodles production line can produce square type (bags) and bowl type (containers), more than one type of multi-functional combination. The noodles' weight of each block from 50 g to 100 g of flexible adjustment, 
Instant noodles Equipment capacity per shift (8 hours) from 60000 to 200000 randomly selected; Pressure surface roll width from 270 mm to 1000 mm in a variety of matching. Equipment additional configuration from flour sieve filter press curing machine, rest, flour, conveyor, another frying oil filter, cooling with air filter, soup for charter flights, packing machine, packing machine equipped with freedom.

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