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Modern ho funn making machine can completely get rid of the past traditional process, makes the ho fun produced more quickly, safe and healthy. These all benefit from the advanced technology of modern ho fun machine. 
Rice Noodles
The ho fun production 
Before the apprearance of big ho fun machine production, people usually use stone mill grinding rice and rice into pulp, then pour rice milk onto ZhuJi, into the pot for steaming forming. Now people are making out of the ho fun making machine, such as GELGOOG machinery manufacture ho fun making machine, also named rice noodles making machine, production process of ho fun can realize the full automation. The operation is simple, save manpower and energy, and greatly improves the production efficiency.
The ho fun production technology 
Ho fun production technology are various, after chooseing to buy the right model, technical personnel will teach you how to operate this machine. 
Do ho fun production need additives? 
As long as the alternative models, well grasp the production technology and suitable raw material, additives is not needed during production. 
How to store ho fun? 
Ho fun is a kind of cooked rice products, so should not be stored for a long time, generally storage time of 12 to 24 hours, will be different because of the weather, the weather is cold storage time will grow some, shorter when the weather is hot. Choose good ventilating utensil fro h ofun, had better not use plastic bags to pack, should choose bamboo and plastic basket for package and delivery. Long time storage need thin gauze cover, lest affect the taste and quality of ho fun. 
How to processing of color ho fun? 
Before producing ho fun, adding the right amount of vegetable juice or eat color meters in the rice milk powder production. Then you will produce the corresponding color pho, pay attention to not affect the concentration of rice milk, which affects the quality of the ho fun. 

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