Automatic Fresh Noodle Maker Instructions

date: 2017-12-05    writer:Sherry

automatic fresh noodle maker machine

Introduction of automatic fresh noodle maker:
This type of automatic fresh noodle machine is widely used in supermarkets, shops and some food processing stations to make noodles. The use of stainless steel for food safety has a certain guarantee. The fresh noodles machine is highly automated, easy to operate, safe and hygienic, producing high quality, convenient noodles. Especially hotels, restaurants, food processing plants, corporate canteens and personal dining ideal.
Features of fresh noodle making machine:
1. This kind of fresh noodle maker machine can produce a variety of noodles. Such as coarse, thin, wide, round, dumpling wrapper, buns wrapper, etc., to meet the needs of the finished product shape and thickness.
2. Noodle thickness of the standard range is 0.3-3mm, noodles tastes good.
3. Because of its high quality manufacturing materials, can provide long-term service.
4. High efficiency, low noise.

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