How to Improve The Production Efficiency of The Instant Noodle Packing Machine?

date: 2017-12-04    writer:Sherry

How to improve the production efficiency of the instant noodle packing machine?
Many enterprises take various measures to improve the production capacity of instant noodle packing machine. Now introduce to you several more effective methods.

1. Broaden the discharge blades: Increase the width of the discharge chamber leaves, while the corresponding cover widened.
2. Enlarge the discharge port: Increase the aperture of the Section mouth, while the discharge port on the pillow-type packaging machine should be enlarged accordingly.
3. Properly increase the spindle speed: Many pillow packing machine spindle speed is generally 970 rev / min, but when the Pillow Packaging Machine's heavy task, the need to further improve the packaging production capacity to adapt to the continuous development of the plant's production capacity can be appropriate Increase spindle speed. This blade wheel blade speed is also increased, increasing the amount of discharge within a unit of time, the output can be increased accordingly.

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