Vacuum Dough Kneading Machine for Sale

date: 2017-12-01    writer:Sherry

Vacuum Dough Kneading Machine

The degree of vacuum can be selected between 400 ~ 700mmHg set when knead dough. Depending on the mechanical properties of the granule, in the dough mixer machine, the vacuum condition allows the flour particles to absorb moisture faster, allowing the flour and water to bind faster and reducing the proportion of free water. Add water can be increased to choose between 38 ~ 55% setting. At the same time as the vacuum degassing makes the noodle density significantly increased, shorten the dough maturation time and cooking time, noodles more smooth surface, there is a strong transparent texture.

Vacuum dough mixer machine has the following characteristics:
1. Multi-stage mixing: The machine speed is divided into 2 to 3 sections. High-speed stirring to ensure that the total amount of water in the overall uniform distribution and shortening mix flour time, low-speed mixing to ensure the full formation and expansion of gluten, but also reduces the dough temperature.
2. Temperature control: mixing machine with cooling parts. In the pasting process, the thermostatic device controls the temperature rise of the mixing machine and keeps the flour temperature within a certain range, so that the dough temperature in the continuous production process meets the technical requirements.

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