How To Make Starch Noodles?

date: 2017-12-13    writer:Sherry

How to make starch noodles?

Now,more and more people like to eat starch noodles,but how to make starch noodles?Our company's starch noodle machine help you solve this problem, the machine is formed by the curing machine and conveyor, the production process is simple, easy to operate, using electric heating or steam heating maturation, sweet potatoes, cassava, potatoes, corn, peas, Mung bean and all other starch can be used in any ratio of single or mixed, do not need to add any additives. It can not only produce starch noodles, but also can produce crystal vermicelli and pearl vermicelli. The produced products have the advantages of being resistant to boiling, keeping the original flavor of hand-made, saving time, labor and effort, making the vermicelli convenient and simple .

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