Why Are Sweet Potato Starch Noodles So Popular?

date: 2017-12-12    writer:Sherry

Sweet potato starch noodles is a very popular food, market potential is very large, but many consumers worry about eating the starch noodles containing additives, because in the processing of sweet potato starch noodles, in order to strengthen the resistance of the cooking and strength of the noodles, will add a kind of called alum, long-term consumption of alum or excessive consumption will cause great harm to the human body, So how to let consumers eat natural and non-polluting sweet potato starch noodles?
Our company integrated a variety of starch noodle machine characteristics, the production of a new type of sweet potato starch noodle machine, the use of the noodle machine to produce noodles do not need to add any preservatives and additives, the production of noodles health and health, will not harm the human body, consumers can rest assured that food.

Automatic sweet potato starch noodle machine

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