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date: 2016-02-17    writer:diana

The process of fried instant noodles is not complex, since the equipment has been standardization through an automated production line. The whole instant noodles making machines running full automatic from raw material and packing under PLC and encoder in-phase controlling system, which make the whole production procedure mechanized, including add how many water and flour, flour mixing time, aging time, steaming time and frying time, etc.

The technical parameters such like temperature are all set in the electric control panel in advance, and the worker just need to press the button. This is a production line with high autoimmunization, stable function and easy operation; you don’t need to worry about how to control it. As providing fully automatic production line, we will also send engineers to your factory for machine's installation &commission and training your workers, and we are very confident to be a good partner (supplier) of yours. All the production line are new and never been used or install in any location, the plant was destine to Eastern European countries and have a capacity of 80, 100, 120, 160, 200 thousand bags every 8 hours.
With regard to the packing, nowadays, there are two kinds. One is bag type, that is plastic film is used to pack the noodle cake, the equipment is simple and high automatic and low cost. The other one is cup/bowl packing, it is more complex than bags packing, first you should get the cup or bowls form professionally manufacturer, and this packing machine can be semi-automatic and all-automatic, it is very expensive, price of semi-automatic one is 4~5 times as bags packing machine, say nothing of all automatic one but we add but the two option at no extra cost to the buyer. Since your project is new, and you are not familiar with the market, we highly recommend you choose bag packing, after you test the market, you can consider cup/bowl packing.

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