What You Should You Know When You Choose Noodle Production Line

date: 2016-02-24    writer:diana

When receive customer's inquiry about noodle making machines, the author colleced some frequently asked question. Finally conclude that for getting quick quotation about noodle machines, there are something you need to know about machines. About the noodle production line, things that need your attention are:

1, You want machines for instant noodles, fresh noodle, or stick noodle?
2, If for instant noodle, you want fried instant noodle making machine, or non-fried instant noodles line?
3, For the capacity, we often have 60 thousand bags every 8 hours to 200 thousand bags, we also can customize 30 thousand based on your requirement.
3, Usually weight of instant noodle ranges from 40 gram to 120 gram.
4, If you can tell us the factory area, we can provide you a more suitable project of the layout of instant noodles production line.

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