What's the Function for Instant Noodle Making Machines

date: 2016-02-25    writer:diana

Do you know instant noodle line manufacturer in Zhengzhou, now i show you, Zhengzhou LONGER Machinery. You sitll want to know the function of main machines of instant noodles machine, here i will introduce you main machines use and some small but necessary machines in this instant noodle production line.
Brine mixer machine: This machine is used to mix propotional salt and water, fully mixed, ready for next step.
Saline metering device: This device is used to quantitative measure saline, for example the amount of saline should be added to flour.
Dough mixer: This flour mixer is for mix flour and saline. Inside the dough mixer, there are a tube with many holes, and saline will be sprayed from these holes, mix with flour together.
Compound and continuous dough rolling machine: press dough to set thickness, the number of roller can be set based on requirement.
Instant noodle steaming machine: After rolling, instant noodles will be sent into steaming machine for 3 minutes.
Noodle cutting, folding and dividing machine:The cutting speed of blade can be adjusted.
Frying machine: After instant noodles divided into trays, these trays need enter frying machine, for 60-70 seconds. 
For the capacity, 60 thousand to 200 thousand bags per shift(every 8 hours) for selection. 

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