Technology Trends Of Instant Noodle Processing Line

date: 2016-02-25    writer:diana

Instant noodle processing line in our country must walk the path of specialization of production, must develop in high-grade equipment, making efforts to improve the technical content . Domestic instant noodles market is not a saturated market, the space is large, according to the relevant authorities, the Chinese mainland annual per capita consumption of instant noodles, about 15 packages, and eating habits, similar to that of Japan and South Korea reached for 44 and 80 packages, Japan chamber of commerce in an industry that until the annual per capita consumption of instant noodles of thirty bales, instant noodles industry development will be leveled off. 
Instant noodles production line mainly reflects the development trend in high productivity, automation, single machine multi-function, multi-functional production line. Adopt the related new technologies, in the packaging on a large number of using inflatable packaging instead of vacuum packaging, pneumatic components, packaging materials and inflatable packaging machine combining three aspects of the study; On the control technology, more application of computer technology and microelectronic technology; The application of heat pipe and cold sealing technology in sealing. 

Instant noodles production line in the future will be with industrial automation, promote the overall level of packaging equipment, development of multi-function, high efficiency, low consumption of food packaging equipment. 

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