How To Make Fried Bag Instant Noodles?

date: 2016-02-27    writer:diana

Look at this production flow chart for fried bag instant noodle production line, clearly shows see how the instant noodles are produced, the details of instant noodle manufacturing process will be introduced;
a) The top is the biaxial dough mixing machine, which is connected with alkali weighing tank(used for quantitatively weight the saline ) and alkali liquid mixing machine(for mixing water and salt);
b) Below the dough mixing machine is the dough curing machine(or can called aging machine), its function just like fermentation;
c) Following is compound and continuous rolling machine, which is used to press the dough into sheet, the sheet thickness can be adjusted, usually from 12 mm to 1 mm;
d) Following the rolling machine is noodle steaming machine(cooking machine), in which noodles will be cooked for 3 minutes;
e) When the instant noodles cooked, then will be sent into cutting, folding and dividing machine, cutting speed of the blade is adjustable;
f) In the frying machine, noodle block will be fried for 70-80 seconds, equipped with heat exchanger, dregs discharging machine, and oil tank, the oil usually uses palm oil;
g) Until now, the noodle block is done, then will be sent by distributing machine to set area, the distributing machine can be chose based on the capacity of this plant;
h) Cooling machine, which several fans inside this machine, is used to cool the fried instant noodles;
i) In order to ensure the quality of instant noodles, inspecting machine is necessary;
j) In this plant, no packing machine is equipped, but if you need this machine, we can help you choose the suitable packing machine.

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