Maintenance Methods for Rice Noodle Making Machine

date: 2017-07-28    writer:diana

Main job of rice noodle making machine is to put grind rice milk into machine, through steam inside the machine box for steaming and forming, form rice noodles, and then cutting and then cooling, realizing fully automated production process. 
Rice Noodles Making Machine(1) Main parts of rice noodles machine: Rice milk feeding, cooking, cutting, cooling four major components. 
(2) First soak rice, grind into rice milk, after steam furnace to produce steam for cooking, add oil, and then cut into rice noodles. Cooling after molding, packaging after use fan blowing cold. 
(3) For liangpi, first stir flour to form a smooth dough, then rinse teh dough gluten and then immersed into a MianJiang, after steam furnace to produce steam for cooking, oil, cut. The following step is the same as rice noodles production.
Maintenance Methods for Rice Noodle Making Machine
First of all, these are by electricity to use the machine, at the time of storage to unplug the power supply, and properly keep the wire line, it is best to wrap it up, lest get wet by water, or bite by the rat, it is a very serious problem, once seen as mice will wire cut, appear the leakage phenomenon, so be very careful! 
Second, rice noodles machine itself, because the production of rice noodles making machine need to some oil on the machine, in order to ensure the production of smopth rice noodles, so at the time of keeping, must wipe clean the machine body, so as to ensure the machine no peculiar smell, will not recruit any bugs, ensure the neatness of the fuselage, also in order to guarantee the safety of the food! 
Third, finally use something to cover machine, so as not to fall on the dust, use clean also more effort. 

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