Noodles Making Machine Sold To Sri Lanka

date: 2016-11-04    writer:diana

Noodles Making Machine To Sri Lanka
This fresh noodle making machine was sold to Sri Lanka, and this noodles machine has 6 group rollers. This kind of noodles making machine was hot devices, and this machine has wide application, suitable for restaurant, noodles production factory, noodle shop, school, etc. Production capacity is 350 kg/h, which can be customized, like 260 kg/h, 300 kg/h, 400 kg/h, etc.. 

This noodles maker can produce different shapes of noodles, such as thin noodles, wide noodles, by changing the noodles cutter. Just tell us your requirement about the machine, and we will try to produce suitable machines for you. 

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