Fresh Noodle Machine Daily Maintenance

date: 2018-01-16    writer:Sherry

Fresh noodle making machine
In order to make the noodle machine work better, we need to test the noodle machine before and after working.
1. Check the complete condition of each component. If there is a fault, it should be eliminated in time. Check the bolt fastening of each part. If loose, it must be fastened.
2. Clear up the remaining materials and debris left before the previous work. Check the noodle machine. The bearing parts should be filled with mechanical lubricating oil and spiral propulsion shaft to add edible oil.
Overhaul after the noodle making machine operation:
1. After the work of the noodle machine, we should check the fastening situation of the bolts in every part and maintain the machine. If there is a damaged or worn part, it should be repaired or replaced in time to ensure the safety and efficiency of the user.
2. The automatic noodle machine after overhaul should clean the inside and outside of the noodle and put it in a dry and well ventilated room. Machines should not be placed directly on the ground to avoid dampness. Paint should be brushed off if there is any shedding. Parts without paint should be coated with antirust oil for rust prevention.
3. The replacement of the vulnerable parts should be replaced according to the specifications specified by the manufacturer, which can not be replaced at will, so as to avoid the injury of the body or the quality of the whole assembly.

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