Rice Noodle Maker Development Trend

date: 2018-01-15    writer:Sherry

Rice noodle machine
Rice noodle machine
is suitable for the shop, but also for family workshops, rice noodle is a good helper of production. Rice noodle processing market prospects, with flour or rice as raw material processing, because it has the advantages of smooth, and eat, seasoning is also diversified, so loved by many people. But in many places still rely on manual rice noodle production, not only a waste of labor, and energy saving, quality of rice noodle is not good than rice noodle by rice noodle machine produced. With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's requirements for rice noodle are increasingly high, therefore, investment rice noodle processing, rice noodle production has not really good taste of project risk and big development space.
The scientific research personnel of our company according to the principle of making traditional rice noodle, after repeated experiments, finally developed into a new type of production equipment. The machine is compact, energy saving, convenient and sanitary, and the product is even thick and thin. It is 3-10 times faster than manual production, and the cost saving is 40%. The output is as high as 500kg. It only needs one person to operate, automatically brush oil, separate, cut strip and fold.

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