Noodle Machine Manufacturer In Malaysia

date: 2018-02-26    writer:Sherry

noodle machine manufacturer in malaysia

Are you noodle machine manufacturer?Where are your factory?Can i visit your factory?My friend,we are noodle machine manufacturer,but we are China,but we welcome you to visit our factory.
Although our factory is in China, we can ship to Malaysia. Do not worry that you can’t install after we receiving the noodle machine, because we will ship it after installation, and we have detailed operation instructions. Now we will introduce some operational precautions .
1. The machine must be installed on the ground level, fixed, add 30 # oil in the reducer.
2. Before using, check the various parts of the oil hole is smooth.
3. Adjust, according to your own needs to adjust the roll gap with the hand wheel to control the thickness of noodles. In the process of adjustment, we should make minor adjustments to prevent the gap is too large or too small, leading to duplication of work.
Frequently questions:
1. Noodles easy to break. Because of the impurities in the flour or uneven flour mixing.
2. Noodles are not cut off. Because the blade does not match the floor, adjust the position ,you can start working again.
3. Dough sheet uneven, because the gap between the ends of the roller is not the same, adjust the gap can continue to use.
4. Noodles appear corrugated, is the angle between the roll blade installation is too large, you can adjust in place.
5. Flour sticking on the roller, too much water in the flour.

If you need price and more detail about noodle malchine,please contact Sherry for free.

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