Small Ramen Noodle Machine

date: 2018-02-28    writer:Sherry

Small ramen noodle machine

When you inquiry about the ramen noodle machine,we will ask how many kilograms do you want to produce,many customer answer i want a small scale.About the small ramen noodle machine,there are also have different models,such as 5 rollers,6 rollers,7 rollers,8 rollers,9 rollers.And the higher the number of rollers, the better the quality of ramen produced.But whatever the number of roller, our ramen noodle machine meets the following characteristics.
1.The price is reasonable, our ramen noodle machine prices are factory prices, because we are manufacturers, so it will not charge the middle fee.
2.Ramen noodle machine has gone through hundreds of modifications to be able to cater to ever increasing number of new noodle types. This does not only include various types of ramen noodles, but also udon noodles, soba noodles.
3.Ramen machine operation is easy and efficient. Certain features of our ramen machines reduce redundancy and time lost in inefficient process.
4.Automatic portioning (adjusting portion size at touch of a knob)
5.Roller gap can adjust by handle.
6.Automatic duster in sync with roller operation.
If you need a small ramen noodle machine,please contact me,we will introduce you a suitable model.

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