Automatic Noodle Making Machine Video

date: 2017-09-11    writer:diana

This is working video of automatic noodle making machine. Five advantages of automatic fresh wet noodle machine:
1 fresh wet noodle machine, automatic production technology leading: adopt new technology of biological degeneration, the material by kneading convergence, a machine that is cooked, a molding, need not again through the cooking process, greatly reduces the work time.
2. Safety and hygiene of automatic fresh and wet noodle machine: the company is fully closed, and its function is stable, and the production process is green without pollution and safe and hygienic.
3. The automatic fresh wet noodle machine has a high degree of initialisation: the appearance monitoring, the operation is brief, the labor force of the demand is small, the spiral is driven, the initiative is experienced and formed.
4. There are many functions of automatic fresh wet noodle machine: it can be used to produce all kinds of noodles, and can adjust its thickness and thickness to make it more flexible. And its molding products can use various cooking methods, satisfied different people's different taste.
5. Automatic fresh wet noodle machine produces fast power, high success rate, large number of models, small investment, small footprint, suitable for individual, urban processing and urban food processing.

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