Which Machines Are necessary for Noodles Production?

date: 2017-09-12    writer:diana

What are the equipment for mass production of noodles? Mainly automatic dough mixer and automatic noodle making machine:
Automatic Noodle Making Machine
1. Automatic dough mixer: Mixing flour is the first process of noodle production. Purpose is to add the right amount of water in flour and other auxiliary materials, through 15 minutes stirring make the protein in wheat flour water absorption expansion, form toughness, elasticity, viscosity, wet mixed flour, ready for noodles production.
2. Automatic Noodle Making Machine: This machine is mainly used to produce wet noodles, can make square or round noodles, contacting noodles parts adopt stainless steel material production, other parts also through the anti-corrosion treatment, ensuring health and safety aspects of noodle processing. The cutting knife is made of carnitine steel, which is processed by special lathe and is treated with high temperature and quenching. It has a strong wear-resisting degree and long service life. The noodle making machine adopt chain drive, stable operation, safe and reliable, low noise. Multi-group rolling, feeding uniform. The contact flour parts are made of stainless steel or treated with special surface to meet the national hygienic standards. The rotary cutting knife is more labor-saving and quieter, and it is easier to assemble the automatic delivery rod. High precision roller non-stick surface, more efficient.

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