Common Troubleshooting of Automatic Noodle Making Machine

date: 2017-09-22    writer:diana

Automatic Noodle Making Machine
Here will introduce teh common troubleshooting of automatic noodle making machine:
1. The panel cannot be connected normally: It is caused by the wrong gap adjustment between the two groups of upper and lower roller, which shows the phenomenon of broken dough sheet and too much dough sheet. When the dough sheet is broken, narrow the gap between the lower group rollers, or increase the clearance between the upper group rollers. When there are too much dough sheet, increase the roller gap between the lower group roller or to reduce the clearance of the upper roller, and adjust the roller gap. 2. The deviation of the dough sheet and the thickness is not consistent, it is caused by the gap between the length of the roller, adjust the screw of rollers.
3. The edge of dough sheet is incomplete, which is because of main material is not uniform, should ensure the continuity of feeding.
4. Surface of dough roller sticks flour, it is because of poor contact with blade, adjust the knife edge of blade.
5. The dough sheet and noodles form the shape of a curve, which is too large for the mounting Angle of the roller and scraper. The edge of the blade is too dull and the blade is too dull, adjust the cutting edge in suitable place.

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