Precautions of Using Shrimp Crackers Making Machine

date: 2017-11-21    writer:Sherry

Precautions of using shrimp crackers making machine

Our shrimp crackers making machine, is specialized in producing shrimp crackers and other snack foods. shrimp crackers, flour as the main raw material, after high temperature extrusion puffing, the internal structure of the organization loose and delicious, the surface sprayed with spices and vegetable oils, tasty and delicious.
Raw materials:
Wheat Flour, corn Starch, tapioca starch, vegetable oil, shrimp flour, sugar, salt, food additives
Production process:
Raw material mixer - Screw conveyor - Twin screw dry extruder - Wind conveyor - Electric dryer - Automatic seasoning machine - Automatic weighing & packing machine.
Scope of application:
By changing different molds, we can produce new products in three-dimensional and planar shapes such as shells, spirals, tubes and flakes. After being fried and puffed, the seasoning can be sprayed through the roller seasoning equipment to become crisp, delicious snack foods.

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