Vegetable Noodle Making Machine Working Principle

date: 2017-11-20    writer:Sherry

vegetable noodle making machine working principle
The working principle of vegetable noodle making machine is the flour through the relative rotation of the flour roll to form dough sheet, and then cut through a noodle cutter. Noodle shape depends on noodle knife specifications, all models can be installed in different sizes of section knife, so a machine after the replacement of different sizes of noodles can be made into a variety of noodles.

Automatic vegetable noodle machine is divided into 5 groups, 6 groups, 7 groups, 8 groups, 9 groups of noodle machine, is a new type of noodle production equipment. With high efficiency and high yield, saving time and effort, easy operation, the production of noodles taste good.

The machine is reasonable design, low noise, compact structure, user-friendly design, easy operation, safety and health.

Transmission smooth, accurate and efficient transmission, as well as noise, vibration-free, superior performance and other characteristics, can be equipped with small drying equipment. The company's production of pressing machine model complete, quality assurance, small and medium enterprises is the preferred product. In addition, as long as the purchase of our vegetable noodle machine, will be presented 3 faceted knives.

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