What Is Stick Noodle Making Machines

date: 2016-03-04    writer:diana

Fine dried stick noodle making machines are researched and developed by our company independently in order to meet market demands, adsorbing advantages of similar equipment at home and abroad, the product is a leading fried instant noodle production equipment at home, which is elaborately designed and manufactured by experts with rich wisdom and experience, and it is perfect carrier of mechanical-electrical integration in the whole production line.

Showing below is the advantages of this stick noodle processing line:
1. Advanced technologies and high automation:
1) The closed-loop speed control system, consisting of speed feedback control and high-precision pulse coder, is designed to perform synchronous control on the whole production line, and it is featured of easy adjustment and high precision synchronization.
2) It takes the programmable logic controller (PLC) as the process center, and perform automatic control on the process, and the motors on most single machines adopt frequency speed control.
2. High quality, efficiency and sound shaping:
1) The dough has regular shape, uniform corrugation, well-proportioned color and high quality.
2) It has stable performances and high efficiency and easy to operate.
3) The whole production line is well designed with sound shaping, applicability and safety.

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