Wrong Points About Instant Noodles

date: 2016-03-09    writer:diana

Many people believe that Instant noodles are non-nutritious, unhealthy? It is wrong.
With the improvement of people's food safety and health awareness, many questions about instant noodles appear. Big to a balanced, small to fat content, instant noodles are really unhealthy? To this, the food safety experts made authority clarification of instant noodles. 
Q: instant noodles has lower safety compared to food made by hand? 
Chinese academy of engineering, Sun Baoguo said instant noodles, produced by instant noodle making machine, high degree of automation, world-class technology being adopted and the health and safety indicators meet the national standards. Use of palm oil, no cholesterol, the proportion of monounsaturated fatty acids with peanut oil, the effect of reducing blood fat and similar to that of olive oil. Comprehensive assessment, the safety of the instant noodles is better than manual meals, meal stands. 
Q: High oil content of instant noodles and contains a variety of additives, detrimental to one's health? 
Hu Xiaosong (China agricultural university food science and nutrition, dean of the school of engineering) : instant noodles, on average, each containing fat from 16% to 16%, of which 11% is palm oil, vegetable oil is beneficial to human body health. And a hamburger the grease content is around 30% on average, is more than double that of instant noodles. 
In addition, the state permits the use of additives, as long as the standard in use and pass strict inspection, is harmless to the human body. 
Q: instant noodles, no nutrition? 
Lu Qiyu, vice President of  institute of grain and oil food in the Zhengzhou university of technology, instant noodles, although lack of some nutrition elements of the human body, but can not sat that instant noodles has no nutrition. Needed nutrients in the body is more complex, and there is no any kind of food can meet the nutritional needs of all, only is different from person to person, a variety of food reasonable collocation is reasonable

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