Stick Noodle Production Line Sold To India

date: 2016-01-04    writer:diana

Flow Chart Of Stick Noodle Production Line:

Cast powder - mixed measuring water supply - Dough mixing - Dough conveyor - Rolling - Continuous Rolling - Shred molding - Putting Up - Drying room for drying - Putting Down- Cutting - Packaging

Working in wheat noodle equipment development, we continue the study and found that initial dough mixingwater addition and the latter part of the hanging rod drying areimportant causes of low wheat noodle quality in China. To solve this problem, our company draw lessons from foreign advanced technology independently developed the constant temperature and humidity noodles intelligent air conditioning drying system, based on different water content of fine dried noodles to adjust temperature and humidity, avoid the phenomenon of crisp noodles and tidal noodles; Improves the vermicelli and noodles with water addition and drying speed, to improve the quality of noodles, to make it smooth and straight, uniform texture, suitable for cooking, taste good.

Our customer was quite satisfied with this plant.

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