Introduction To Pasta Production Line

date: 2016-01-06    writer:diana

Pasta production Line use potato starch as raw materials, after extrusion and curing, out of the mold and then cut off into pasta. Produce pasta, macaroni, shell, spiral pipe, square pipe, novel style products. Again after the drying or fried puffed to become fragrant and crisp and delicious, taste delicious snack foods.
. Using flour as raw material, directly frying without drying;
. To rice, taro, as the main raw material can produce nutritional compound rice;

Process composition:
1. Flour mixer: Fully mix ingredients (flour, corn flour, rice flour, starch, etc.) alone or add additives with a certain amount of water evenly.
2. Extruder machine: Through extrusion produce long strip or sheet shape products, replacement of mold can produce different kinds of  thickness products.
4. Cutting machine: Cut the ectruded long srip products.
5. Automatic frying machine: Two kinds of frying machine, coal frying pan and electric fryer, can be purchased according to the specific situation.
6. Seasoning line: There are octagonal, drum seasoning machine, lifting single drum, double drum seasoning line, spray flavor material after frying.
7. Packaging machine:  vertical packaging machine or combined computer cool packaging machine, selectively pack different packaging bags.

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