Transport Service

Transport network of LONGER company can ensure you getthe high quality machine safely and timely. We has our own shipping sector and also cooperate with other big shipping companies, we can deliver our machine from Qingdao port, Shanghai and Tianjing to every destination port. We can arrange transport mode based on your specific situation, by sea, by air, by train or other means. 

Ocean transportation is the most important mode of transport in international trade, the total volume of international trade is more than 2/3, the vast majority of China's import and export goods, are transported by sea. Its advantages lie in large capacity, low shipping cost, convenient channel.

A means of transport uses aircraft as a carrier. Also called air transport, suitable for urgent need goods. When road or sea transport can not meet requirements, customer will choose by air. Swift, safe, super high efficiency on time to win a considerable market, greatly shorten the delivery period. In Zhengzhou, we have Xinzheng International Airport.

Land logistics transportation technology mainly includes transportation facilities and operations, the former belongs to the hard transportation technology, which belongs to the transportation of soft technology. Transport hard technology mainly includes the transportation infrastructure, such as roads, railways, shipping, transport vehicles and other infrastructure. Zhengzhou, located in China's geographic center, is an important hub city for railway, aviation, highway, power, postal telecommunications, etc..

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